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Compassionate Psychological Care, L.L.P.

Who we are and What we Do

Psychological Testing

During testing you will meet with one of our licensed clinical psychologists to identify exactly what your concerns are and what questions you or your referring doctor may have. Once the testing has been completed, you will meet with our psychologist again to discuss the findings and recommendations based on your results. We provide high quality psychological testing that includes:

  • IQ testing
  • ADHD Testing
  • Testing for Learning Disability
  • Social Emotional Functioning (Anxiety, Depression, ect.)
  • Individual Therapy:

    Our therapists are trained in multiple areas utilizing different models like CBT, DBT, ACT, EFT; as well as play therapy, art therapy, and music therapy. Once you have met with a therapist, you will work together to identify a treatment plan. Our therapists work tirelessly to help our clients improve their lives and make the changes that are necessary.

    Neuropsychological Testing

    Our Neuropsychologist provides indepth testing to identify potential dementia, TBI, ADHD, or other neurological issues. During the feedback session we will provide information concerning your results and provide you with recommendations.

    Family Therapy:

    We have therapists who provide family therapy, whether it be in conjunction with individual therapy or solely family therapy. Therapists will work to balance the needs of each individual member, while holding the family as their main client. Often homework or experiments are given to the family in order to lead to improvement within the home environment.

    Therapy - Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training:

    We currently have an adult DBT group that meets once a week for two hours. During this time, members will learn new skills and discuss problems that arose during the past week. Members receive feedback from their peers as well as assistance from our DBT specialist

    Group Therapy - Teen Support Group:

    This group runs once a week and is for high school students and provides support and challenges for its members. Group members will come together and discuss difficulties that they have had over the past week and receive advice and support from their peers. They also work together to challenge one another and overcome their fears.

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