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How To Deal With Summer Boredom

So some of us have reached the point where are kids are getting bored with summer. Who'd have thought that after anticipating all school year the freedom of school, our kids would get bored and long for the challenges and social interactions that school bring. Sometimes we escape the summer boredom because our kids are in camps or activities during the day while parents are working. However, for kids that stay home they may find it hard to find things to fill up their time other than electronics.

My quick soap box about electronics: TV, video games, computers, tablets, iPads, Nintendo DS, and phones are not bad things and to a point can be incorporated into kids lives so they have some common ground with their peers. However, 8 hours a day on electronics is not healthy of anyone, especially kids who need to be out and exploring and expanding their brains and motor skills. I recommend guaranteeing a specific amount of electronics time (1-2 hours) and then after that kids have to earn more time.

How to Earn More Time: So, this can go in a couple of different directions.

1) Spending an hour outside playing in the yard or riding bikes. This can even include a trip to the park, walks with them in the neighborhood or in a nature preserve, or if possible, hitting the pool or splash pad as a family.

2) Have an hour doing something creative - art, music, crafts, writing, building legos, using their imagination while playing with toys or stuffed animals.

3) Quiet time: It doesn't matter what they do (reading, napping, resting, ect.) they just need to have some relaxation time where everyone in the house is calm and resting.

4) Chores - Specific chores that are completed equal specific amount of time on electronics. Or there are a set list of things that the family needs to get done today (bathroom cleaning Monday or laundry Tuesday), once that list is completed they can go back to electronics for a specific period of time.

5) Family board games or card games: This can be a little more difficult depending on the ages of your kiddos if you have more than one. But finding games that kids enjoy can be a lot of fun for all involved.

6) Trips to free things in the area: There are tons of free events all over the area - the library, park districts, or other places in the area offer free activities for kids and their families. Check out for free activities in the area and to get some other great ideas on how to deal with boredom in the summer.

7) Play dates - Parents Band Together! Have meet ups with other parents and their kids to help make the summer boredom disappear. Taking turns at each others' homes or meeting up some place else can help the kids get out energy and give you a parent to chat with while your kids are playing together.